MBB Sample Set

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There are 6 comprehensive items included—
• Cleansing Gel [ use as a face wash or before your normal face wash to remove make up ]
• Brightening Scrub [ my skin LOVES this scrub, it’s so gentle and it does make you glow. ]
• Micellar Water [ takes off eye and lip makeup without burning, super gentle ]
• Thirst Fix Gel [ it’s a GEL moisturizer, seriously the coolest thing ever ]
• pH Balance Toner [ toner closes your pores back after washing, keeping your skin clearer + fresher for longer...this specific one balances your skin pH again too ]
• Celltrex Serum [ protects + repairs skin damage from pollutants and free radicals like sun rays and blue light...you’ll notice a big difference in clarity ]
• adorable travel Bag